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Dongti Bay Hotel
Lidu Hotel
Xinxing magnate hote
New Zhonglv Grand Ho
Jing-yuan Villa
Sanmao Railway Holid
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Yu Hai Yuan
Fu Lin Men
Tiantang Dog Meat
Pastoral food street
Tiantang Steamed Ver
Xinxing Stuffed Glut
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Union Stainless Stee
Huifeng rice flour
Plum wine
Fine eating
Kwong Wah Pai rice
  Scenic Overview
      The Travel Resort of the sixth ancestor’s hometown is located in the Sixth Grandfather Town, Xinxing County, Guangdong Province,connected to line S276 of provincial highway and 150 kms away from Guangzhou. The areas as hotel service area, Buddhist ceremony area and hot spring area. Here, the inside informational of the travel cultural is very deep and the sixth ancestor culture enjoys great prestige, both at home and abroad, including the former residence and nirvana place of Huineng, the sixth ancestor of Buddhism Zen of China, —such as famous Lingnan Guoen temple, millennium ancient litchi planted by the sixth ancestor personally, the sixth ancestor’s former residence, etc. as well as including 16 tourist hotels.〝Hot spring culture〞is known far and wide, including sulphur hydride spr....              More >>
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Devoted married couple
Liuzu bath pond
Buddha's relics
Guo-en Temple
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Long Quan Hotel
Features of Longshan Hot Spring Water
Longshan open-air hot spring
Holley Longshan Hot Spring Holiday Resort
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A stone with a book
Biemu Stone
Po-Ning Tower
Water station Emerald
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